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A Woman's' Marriage and Relationships

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Love in any relationship is expected to be pure and wholehearted. Love is one of the most profound emotions we experience as humans. It's bigger than us, meaning, though we can invite it into our lives, we do not have the control over the how, when and where love starts to express itself. In short, everyone is entitled to this feeling, it is in human nature to love one another.

Love is a beautiful feeling, but has slowly degraded in its value over time. Love in my eyes can be described as loyal to someone/something.

Love is born in not only a marital relationship, but even business relationships. For the business to succeed one needs to love the product, people, price, promotion etc. Love implements growth and sustainability, it ensures security and promotes happiness.

Any individual needs to learn to love themselves before they can love another. Woman in specific need to empower, boost, love and take pride in themselves!

Although love can be seen as such a delightful experience, some relationships and marriages may turn toxic.

As a woman, finding your voice before marriage and any relationship is vital to your well being and your security.

Traditionally speaking, an arranged marriage refers to the union of two people proposed by their families rather than the individuals themselves . I am of the Hindu belief, where arranged marriages are stressed by the families - but fortunately my parents do not conform to this backward way of thinking.

Yes, there are pros in an arranged marriage - but personally, I disapprove of the ideology that you cannot decide the future of your marital life, here are some of the reasons as to why I think arranged marriages are adverse to Woman in specific.

1) Once accepting the proposal of an arranged marriage, you cannot object to the person you're suited with. If you're uncomfortable with your groom the result is a lifetime of unhappiness and dislike for your better half - not only is this unfair to the woman, but also to the man. Nobody wants to lead a miserable life.

2) Forced love, isn't really love. By forcing yourself onto another it transmits awkwardness and tension between the individuals, making it difficult to succeed as a couple and harder to grow the family.

3) Then there is of course the risk of violence and loosing your voice as a woman. Arranged marriages in India often originate from rural and underdeveloped towns, where the men have total control of not only the household but of their wives as well.

4) Dowry demands in India, don't only place a financial strain on the parents to keep up their prestige, but also belittle the woman - by placing a price on her, which in any circumstance is inhumane and barbaric.

By now you may have vaguely understood why I for one stand against the concept of arranged marriages. Another tremendously important factor to consider with arranged marriages is the age of the individuals - which branches off into the revolting matter of child marriage.

According to - Each year, 12 million girls are married before the age of 18. That is 23 girls every minute. Nearly every 2 seconds a child marriage happens across. What makes matters worse is that their grooms are boarder line pedophiles - any sexual interaction involving someone under the age of eighteen is considered to be sexual abuse and rape. It is important to note that child marriages happens across all countries, cultures and religions.

You (the person reading this) are of the privileged percentage of people, where the possibility of you being subject to arranged and child marriage is unlikely to non. Even though this topic does not concern you personally, it is still our job to prevent it from happening. Through simple deeds like empowering girls to stand up for themselves you may end up saving them from an abusive relationship one day. The power lies in the hands of those who grasp it!

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