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"fitoor means when something overwhelms your mind to the point of a little insanity."

it was the promise of October

we watched the life of the leaves cascade into an empty abyss

the brink of autumn, the woody scent of war

the cowardice drove us back

but the blazing bombs hurried me away from you

I had whispered a prayer and it reached you

how did you listen to my silence?

I long for my childhood with you

the endless exploration on the shikara;

the musk of the cashmere blankets,

protecting us from the cold

slowly and softly, desires were burning

the yearnings in my heart were choking me

this obsession of mine

brought me to you

but you changed.

we were no longer children of Kashmir,

but children captured of refuge

blinded by the masking of another flag

slowly and softly, desires were burning

the mirage of azadi

the truth of the partition

Inspired by the conflict that started after the partition of India in 1947 concerning the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir.

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