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Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Too often are we quick to fall merciful to pride without remaining rooted in humility. We have all been repelled by people with inflated egotistical views - a subtle disgust of mankind. Material gains and brief wins serve to swell us with superiority.

Like every existing view, "pride" stands before a mirror of perspectives. Contrasting opinions and green-eyed monsters deviate from the originality of being proud. Aristotle described pride as "the crown of virtues", with the ideology of greatness implied to an individual with the capacity to stem from positivity and exceed ones' expectations.

Unfortunately, no mind is alike - that being said, the overpopulated culture of greed and human vices have replaced the sincerity of pride. The uncontrolled psychological desire for social acceptance and hierarchical eminence, has led us to an apathetic fondness for living.

Too dream big is inspiring, but it backfires when we fail to match a claim with action. This trend of growing conversational bullies have given rise to an alienated society. To live an honest life forming genuine connections with people, is the beauty of life. We take these crossroads in our destiny, by meeting people who alter our lives forever. Breaking connections as a result of pride, is a dull play. Exceedingly worse is the pretention involved in reconnecting. Our arrogance to reconcile is revolting.

A wise proverb told the tale that "every cloud has a silver lining", and that "happiness is when what you do and what you say are in harmony". When we become intensely centered around a single front of life, we subconsciously allow every other to fade away.

Being awarded a degree, making your first investment or even choosing to take the next step is something to be extremely proud of. To feel the euphoria of positivity and aspire towards success, is real and important. Sharing your success and appreciating that of another needs to be redefined. Human civilization is far behind the connection with authenticity.

To hop on the trend and publicly boast is an absurd tradition of technology - and our growing fascination with it, remains just as guilty. For an alarming population, social media platforms have become a coward canvas for envious spectators to portray illusory versions of themselves, attract unlawful attention, make "friends" and not forgetting the loathsome commentary. We are creating a world of ghost-like individuals, by masking our identities, in fear of judgment and mockery.

By matching our fantasies with our realities, we are in the arbitrary sense - superior. In a world of masquerades, stepping out as yourself is a refreshing rebellion to a dramatized saga of supremacy.

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