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Obsolete Thinking

Albert Einstein once said, "Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid", with that, I would like to raise the debate on oblivion. It is no news that our education system is faulted, like is every governing body existing in the modern world.

Our preconceptions of power and authority are man-made. What began as structural protocol - commanding councils have immorally redesigned the system to benefit a closed party. False promises and "mandatory" measures are alleged to serve and protect the people. How long before this monopoly runs obsolete? The discomforting truth, is that the rich are getting richer, and the poor, poorer. What is this hierarchy defined as? Omnipotence. Greed. Envy?

A child is verifiable based on his/her ability to solve for X. A parent is held liable should the child fail to meet bias levels. The school sits back and watches tuition and schooling fees roll in. Is this not an underlying premise of Apartheid rulings, of discrimination and marginalization?

Being the only known species of life to exist, humans take immense pride in adjoining themselves to development and evolution - having surpassed eons of tests to stand as intellectual thinkers. Arguably, the major progression of skills and the mind has resulted in awarding development in technology and societal acceptance - however years of stagnant education faculties do not facilitate future success.

The earliest form of a social complexity originated among The Primate Order. Families nurtured the young - protected them from predators and trained them to survive the physical world. Times were rudimentary, where the rivalry of power was non-existent. The pack was led by an alpha, but every party had a purpose. The system worked (at that time) and revolutionized the world, today.

Later cognizance developed the need for a social caste. To box humans into categories. To perform "scientifically approved" methods in evaluating the degree of readiness. All these procedures and developmental steps have undeniably sustained its validity in the past, but are incompetent in today's day and age.

The technological arena for development, the aptitude of the fourth industrial revolution, the wonders of medicine, the global terminals for networking … we have revolutionized a playground fit for prestige growth. It is compelling, it is luring, it is the impossible proven possible … its a dream come true. Right? The expanse of forest degradation, fossil fuel decomposition, gas emissions and even human labor is not really significant, right? But of-course that's a topic for another day.

When arguing the debate in systematic complexities, your stand is definite or not - sitting on the fence is futile. We are living in the 21st century. The time for compromise and analyzing the past should be well behind us. We are in need for a leader. We are in need to become said leaders.

Controversially, the mediocrity of the classroom instills a degree of respect, and the compliance to governing authorities assumes order - but it doesn't factor in both the minority and majority. If esteemed intellectuals could construct royal aircraft to blast off into space, or discover game-changing archaeological evidence - why is it challenging to incorporate and benefit all?

Where does it root from? The World Wars? Colonization? The Great Depression? Where has this infinite source of unbalance come from? No, it is rooted in our minds. When we made the decision to hold grudges and form stances - we stirred a quiet humming of war in our minds. We cannot blame non but ourselves. The monotonous ideologies and doltish ignorance to the situation have ceased idle development. The plea for urgent adaptation is greatly anticipated.

A refurbished technological era has bestowed the astonishing power of digital communication upon us. International networking and socialization has entered a new arena - welcoming an array of thoughts and theories.

Virtual classrooms, E-Learning, Online shopping, Electronic transfers, Digital businesses and an apparent virtual reality is the way forward. Equipping the vast majority of the world with technology (which is readily available) proves to eliminate paradoxes such as social exclusion, poor literacy rates, theft and perhaps pressing global challenges.

Hosting international seminars and non-capitalist incentives ensure security of future generations rather than short-term gains. These hierarchical systems claim to administer structure and morality - but in truth, they have resulted in chaos, public striking, discontentment and hatred.

In the words of Nelson Mandela, "History will always judge us on the difference we make in the everyday lives of our children" - with that being said, the power of children echoes in the progress of human civilization. By incorporating the youth and encouraging interaction between current leaders and future leaders - we are allowing room for development.

In brevity, these labels and preconceived lapse standards need to be banished from social construct. Judging and excluding people fuels a rickety rocket for destruction, however adequate understanding and adaptation to the new-age is in dire need.

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