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Publicity in society

(By definition, publicity refers to the exposure/public visibility for any thing/of any person.)

Publicity is a resource for power, it is a channel that draws the public eye - and it is valid to question its reliability, management and overall need.

Let us deviate from the norm that preaches the significance of media publication as a form of advertising. It is evident that sales increase in correlation to broadcasting, but in regards to dissemination of ones’ personal life - the motive is predominantly nugatory.

Achievements and growth have become the centralization of social media platforms, which has often emanated unwanted opinions and envy.

Society has become vastly reliant on the media, and the “advantages“ that come with it, without realizing the repercussions that follow after.

In the words of Lecrae Moore, “If you live for acceptance, you’ll die from rejection“, we find the underlying truth of human nature. The impetus of Instagram posts; Facebook pages; Snapchat stories and even WhatsApp profiles is to evoke a certain emotion from a select audience, primarily for self esteem related pleasures.

Why would you leave the happiness of your being, in the hands of hypercritical people? Look at it in this perspective, we post because we seek attention - this phenomenon is adapted due to primal evolution and is considered observable from over thousands of years, but what if life was minimalistic ... wherein publication wasn’t deemed justification of stature, wherein personal capacity was displayed offline, wherein growth was visible in person? What if we focused on playing the part rather than posting the preconception?

Not only does prideful media exclamations impede on the individuals growth, but it also poses doubt and emotional scarring on the audience. Watching your friends party without you; listening to your cousins successes; viewing exes move on; finding out crucial information and even seeing a peer do well ... elicit toxic emotions that toy on your mind and infiltrate your thoughts with fabricated disbelief.

In a world where you can be anything, why be the reason someone lost their love for themselves?

In vigorous ventures to gain vogue, we become reluctant to realize our reality.

Our stand for social glory, sovereigns our fall in self-esteem.

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