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The Circle of Life

What is life? Is it a contradictory engagement with the universe, bound to one day relieve us from pain or suffering, or is it a gift crafted in the hands of a supreme power? Often we become intricately entangled with the mysteries of the world - innovating rockets to blast out in search of answers, or digging tunnels yearning for a spark of light - but for what?

Human satisfaction? Greed for knowledge? An egotistical lust for power?

Humans have evolved eons to reach the current day. Whether scrutinized in Darwin's theory of evolution or the Hindu Dashavatar, the ideology of "life goes on" remains. No matter the childish prediction of the future or the haughty hypotheses of the past, we are vulnerable to a unifying cosmic circulation of life.

Questioning the unknown drives us to propelling an energized life, yet a wise proverb indicates that "curiosity killed the cat". Materialistic gain and short-term fulfillment are nothing but triggers continuing the survival of mankind. Whether we reach an agreement or not, understanding our roles as humans has long lost its connection.

Fair enough, immense intellectual ability has led us to a glimpse of sanity (either through the "understandings" of the world relative to us, or through modern technology healing and honoring life), but is it enough? Hominid studies analyze a lengthy lineage of evolution - grasp of its' theory humbles us into a paltry apprehension of the universe.

Rooting from the same ancestral beginning, we are reluctant to embracing the world as our own. Petty divisions of caste and race, divulge us as querulous and bitter. Apart from any research or religion, we are all subject to the foundational teachings of respect. To respect the Earth we came and shall leave from, the homes that have nurtured us, and the people we share it with.

Truth be told, that should a unfortunate end near, it is the consequence of our actions. We are minute sounds in the orchestra of the universe. No matter how loud you scream, or how powerful you are - we are insignificant to a higher power. Is it God, is it cosmic energy, or is it man? The answer will forever appear at the thresholds of life and death, yet our oblige to the unknown is the true manifestation of power.

Currently, the world is facing a massacre of welfare. Global economies are plunging, homes are robbed of security, and lives are crumbled at the hands of an invisible killer. As much as this virus has instilled a great depression, life before was not that glamours either. Corruption, racism, murder, and social infringement ran rife.

We were out of hand. Still are. It took something so microscopic to teach a dunce of a species the lessons we forgot. Lives are being threatened, yet we still fail to reconcile with our wrongdoings. In retrospect, the wonders of life which have been carefully preserved over the years, are carelessly feuded over money, power and superiority.

Unfortunately, I cannot argue that money is not important. As much as I would have hoped that it was not, it is our inevitable future to adapt to. Money makes the world go round - it aids those suffering, it feeds a family for one more night, it gave us survival competition ... but what I fail to understand is, why has it become everything?

Why have we manipulated national protective tenders to refurnish mansions? Why have we issued warrants to a biological warfare? Why are we silent in the screams of murder? Why?

The world has shut in a lock-down. Our exploitation of "together we are stronger" and "united we shall stand" has paradoxically manifested that together we are weak. Together we taint the world. Together we mock society. Together we hurdle castes and social elites. Together we kill and murder. Together we were stronger for the wrong reasons. Together we destroyed the world.

It makes you wonder, am I nothing but pawn in someone else's game? We were never the supremacists we thought we were - the most intelligent species in the world ... We are silly to believe that we ever had control. We are and will always be subject to a cycle of lessons, till we understand.

We came from nothing, and we shall leave with nothing. Your walk on Earth is a pathway destined for your outcome. What you put in, is what you get out - so fill your path with memories of laughter, love and life. Forget the misery of the past, and keep walking. Behind you is the past of eternities of evolution, and before you is the promise of the unknown - a future undefined and blank. You are the author, it is your privilege to write your own story.

Make it count. Make it yours. Live a life, so simplistic that it is the greatest. That you are unbothered by negativity, that you are radiant in mindfulness, and beaming with happiness. Maybe in these finite moments lie the answers to your questions ... maybe reflections of God capture your soul, maybe the promise of life sustains you, maybe ... just maybe ...

Life is a gift. Life is a blessing. Life is an ancestral present, therefore I urge you to drop the weapons and sharp-tongues and appreciate the present before you. To live in the present, to enjoy the symphonies of the world. To fall in love with the circle of life.

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