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The Human Spirit vs Winning

Is all winning success? What does it actually mean to win? In sports, in businesses, in parliament - there are clear cut winners and losers. What do you think about winning and losing in every-day. Are you winning? Are you  growing, learning, succeeding? All across South Africa and around the world, we have a crisis, in the "win-at-all-costs" cultures that we have created. In our schools, in our businesses, in our politics … winning at all costs has become acceptable. As a society we honor the people at the top of the pyramid, we effusively applause those people who win awards, cases and elections - but sadly those same people leave their institutions as damaged human beings, both emotionally and mentally not just physically. 

Why would a student with straight A's leave "damaged"? Why would a billionaire leave "damaged"? Why would an athlete leave "damaged"? … We have become so hyperfocused on that end result, striving for a win, and once news arrives that you have won - the human component of how we got there often gets swept under the proverbial rug, along with the damage. 

Now, is that "win" considered success, or is that "win" purely a materialistic reflection of what is on the surface? Real success is developing champions in life, for the betterment of our world, win or lose. Real success is growth from failure. Real success is your implementation of the Law of Attraction. As influencers, presidents, CEO's, parents, students, and most importantly, as humans, we need to seek progress not perfection. The Law of Attraction states that "thoughts become things", through our daily affirmations and manifestations on desired goals along with positive strides towards achieving that goal - we are winners. 

Creation stems from assertion, our constant belief, efforts and determination pave the pathway of a successful result. A classic example of manifestation is a metaphorical animation of Aladdin, where we find a young peasant-boy asked to recite his deepest desires to a genie, whom takes the space of the surrounding environment - symbolizing the universe. The movie teaches us a life tool that, by calling our your goals - the universe delivers. The protagonists are often depicted to pose as winners, through Aladdin we saw his determination; love and positivity carve his mentality to value friendship; relationships and himself over the glory of "winning". 

Your mind is a powerful universe in itself - Quantum physics teaches us that you cannot have a universe without your mind entering it. Your life is a physical manifestation of the thoughts that go on in your head. It is tested to prove we flip through an estimate of 16 000 thoughts a day - some beyond comprehension and some pending on life choices, we are the Michelangelo's of our mind, the creators of our destiny and the winners of our success-story. 

A win is a pure attraction, an affirmative thought turned reality. Loss, depression, guilt, anxiety and stress are inflicted upon ourselves by ourselves. Everything we feel and think creates our future - prosperous or not. A simple shift of emotions can change your whole life. Our universe is created as we go along, it corresponds to the nature of the songs we sing. I believe the greatest gift we can give to another human being, is the power to silence our minds from the need to always be right and formulate an instant response, and rather truly listen to another person, and in silencing our minds we can actually hear ourselves. 

The stereotypical "winner" is seen as someone who is a tough; bullish and a tunnel-minded person - this dictator-like perception is governing scope for growth. You may be able to dictate your way to a win, but you cannot dictate your way to success Choose to change. Being a dogmatic dictator may produce compliant soldiers, but it doesn't develop winners along the way. It is so much easier to dictate orders, rather than finding a way to motivate someone to want to be better. Motivation takes a tremendous amount of time and effort, but when it comes full circle, it is character-building and life-altering. Schools, offices, parliament and even homes need to produce human beings - not just straight A scholars, powerful advocates or even profit-producing innovators. As members of a greater society we cannot lead from a place where winning is our only metric of success, where our ego sits centre stage, because it has been proven that, that process produces broken human beings, and I emphatically know that it is absolutely possible to produce winners in every single walk of life without compromising the human spirit. 

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