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The Puppeteer

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Gone are the days when men were God-fearing, when respect was universal, when order was sustained. The "future of mankind" is ridiculed behind the idiotic reality that is - fallacy. We pride ourselves on revolutionary development and advanced technology, yet the simplicity of unity is lacking.

Dormant leadership combined with misguided anger fuels the hope for tomorrow. A generation of imbecile thinkers root from their inability to move forward. The silent hum of war hovers over our heads, waiting to implode at the most startling time. An army of grief-stricken hearts up in aimless arms is the "future of mankind".

We sit ignorant to the severity at hand. The taunts of kidnapping, rape, bombing, maltreatment, and bullying is the truth of today. Foolish are we to think that we are safe, that we are protected … when in actuality we are merely next in line.

Idealized to institute order, governments and reigning supremacies are doing all but that. Corruption, loot, empty promises and greed are those in power. The premise of the rich getting richer and the poor, poorer is prevalent in the retelling of modern society.

Fabricated stories of "God's bigger plan" makes it increasingly just that ... a story. When in reality, those "bigger plans" are just blueprints drawn up by stealthy corporations. The diminishing luxury of human rights are ripped are swept under the carpet.

In their filthy game of chess, we are insignificant pawns. So what if we are brutally bashed and tainted? So what if we go to bed starving? So what if we are murdered in broad daylight? So what? To them, it is a life for a laugh ... The heavy burden of lies sit hefty on our shoulders, but floats like feathers on theirs.

We fail to connect with the groundings of the divine. Mankind has long forgotten the reason of being. To live in harmony, to live honestly and to live with humanity. What will it take to bring us together? A minute virus, slashing murder, imbrute kidnapping and material loot - failed to bring cognizance of it ... so what will?

Gone are the days when men were God-fearing, when respect was universal, when order was sustained.

Materialized as we are, we sometimes forget to identify those "puppeteers" that the eye cannot meet. The ones we call greed, envy, anger, lust, power and evil. The ones that subconsciously shape the enemy. Apart from pointing fingers at corrupt presidents, looting ministers, dishonest corporations, and even sour relations (however guilty) - we need to question our persona as well.

Our idleness to the problem is pathetic. Our aversion from the truth is unappealing. We are in dire need for change. They say the key to the future lies in the past - a vague idea that is open to interpretation. Upon thought, the worlds' history of oppressions and slavery is the catalyst for change - but rather a subtle continuation into modern society.

Acts to "rectify the past injustice", post-colonization limitation laws, ludicrous outrival in the court of law - are all spiteful and doltish approaches to punish the past onto the present. Rather than beating the past faults, we are advancing on them - with bona fide evidence of failure. Our inability to move on and grow is hindering future development.

Our true purpose of being, our idealistic dharmic life, our embedded doctrine - has all been traded for momentarily satisfaction. Plummeting relations and endless sagas of betrayal are normalized. "This is life now, learn to adjust" - for years we have been taught to adapt and go with the flow, with nobody questioning the morality of the situation at hand.

Shrewd play on constitutions and bills create an infinite loophole to encourage acts of indecency - inspiring the incentive of the bad guy. Vigorous manipulation and brewing horror are the underlying basis of which humanity roots from. Future generations would grow to reorder a culture so unscrupulous that man would lead themselves to their own fiery demise.

It is not a matter of adaptation, but a matter of standing up for all things good. It is not a matter of nonsensical debate, but a matter of noble decisions. It is not a matter of winning, it is a matter of empowering. It is not a matter of saving us, it is a matter of saving them.

I urge you to become your own puppeteer, to take complete control over your life. To take a step into the light and live devout. To uphold your dignity and inspire a forthcoming generation to do so likewise. To become so vested in the gift of living that nothing else matters. I urge you to drop the strings attached and walk confident in knowing your faithful purpose of being.

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