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The Quietus

POV: Content is purely subjected to my view. There is no intention of disparaging people of other beliefs. The inclusion of controversies is contextualized to persuade my perspective, and was done without the hatred of another.

The great divide summons a premeditated quietus of humanity - a meaningless release of lifes' treasures all because of an egotistical feud.

The generation we belong to has indeed progressed from those before us, but has our ways sustained consideration for those after us?

Backtrack to South Africa 1948 - the Apartheid regime. Racial divisions programmed an asymmetrical outlet of opportunity, the one that currently is being "rectified" through an underlying similarity of giving the underprivileged the upper hand.

Contemporary legislation recognizes the struggle of the black man and compensates that of the white mans dignity, whilst accusing every other color in the "rainbow nation" - this never-ending cycle of focusing on the growth of one and neglecting that of others, is inadvertently Apartheid reborn.

Is it right to punish the present in frustration of the past?

Societal hierarchies dominate control over the minority, so why scratch at a closed door? WRONG. The one lesson to take from Apartheid is the power of a voice - voices like Tata Madiba; Hector Peterson and FW De Klerk. Voices with the intention of change.

Ignorant would I be to question national divides and overlook international pandemics. History has shown us constant uphill battles in the war of equality. The isolation of homosexual individuals, the apathy of poverty, the judgement of religious beliefs and the abhorrence of anything outside stereotypical beauty ...

Our lack of acceptance defines our failure in every sector.

A student is measured by his/her marks. A mother is measured by her care. A father is measured by his financial stability. A company is measured by its solvency. A phone is measured by its update... Almost everything on Earth is "measured" by synthetic scales, without comprehension of specific characteristics in which the spectrum denies.

In this race we call life, everyone is competing with standards and expectations, striving to be the overachiever; the winner; the best ... but, in the midst of its' materialistic gains - where comes enlightenment of the soul; acceptance in each other and understanding of the ultimate purpose?

It can be argued that, the race stimulates a drive - a passion for life - but where does it justify the grounds of "winning"?

A great philosophical author, Robin Sharma, elaborated that "mastery begins with humility" - the unbiased will to learn without referral to ones knowledge. This humility keeps us grounded even when reaching for the stars.

Corporate investors; priests; philanthropists etc. have subconsciously gotten caught in the loop of the race. Their titles have been dirtied with the intentions of greed and power.

An act of humility nowadays symbolizes the opulence of one.

The praises at Church are heard with donations. The blessings at temples are given with acknowledgment of your daily presence. The advice at mosque is transactional. In which Holy Book does the exchange of aid require lucre? The innermost spark of God is found in your purity of actions - your daily integrity of being the truest human you can be.

The publication of a good deed robs the innocence of its kindness. The purpose of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is disintegrating in the viability of marketing. When will our actions prove pure, and our drive refocus?

Would I be branded part of the "optimistic" sector if I hoped that humanity would change? Most probably yes. Would it disregard the value of this blog? Definitely! Your assumption would "box" my view into "that part of society" - without hearing the validity of the problem.

The struggle of social separation isn't one to die off very soon. The realist in me, is tempted to preach on dealing with rejection and facing the odds of judgement - but that opinion (however true) isn't the solution.

Our mindset of forgiveness, hospitality and humility needs to be redeveloped if not developed at all.

A dream of unity has been dreamt before. The reality of separation should be seen no more.

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