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Women in Economics

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Female talent and services remains one of the most underutilized business resources in the industry, especially in the finance sector. Our economy's gender divide places a major strain on the involvement and progress a woman can contribute to the market! It is no surprise that women are flourishing in the world! We are growing stronger as empowered individuals who stand alongside our male counterparts, yet, why is it that when it comes to financial investments, we still lag behind men?

According to Forbes, studies under RateSetter have shown that 60% of men are more likely to own investment products, as compared to 48% of woman - this evidently indicates men being awarded a quicker ROI. Woman on the other hand have proven to hold their savings account and grow their shares over a longer time period - which is historically proven to show higher a return on investment.

The industry is extremely male dominated, however the correct outlook and attitude can indicate hidden opportunities. By channeling all your energy onto a given task, magic happens! Once we allow ourselves to be the best version that we can possibly be, we find ourselves to be open to new ideas, reasoning, objectives etc. - which unleashes our true capacity.

Yes, there is a gender gap in the industry - but the world revolves around constant change, all it takes is for a woman to execute their vision in money.

It is vital to remain unapologetic in what you believe in. Your career, your family, your health and your wealth are all valuable assets that define your character - trust and be proud in them!

Your gender does not define your success, your gender does not define your growth, your gender does not define your standings in the market nor does it define you!

Learn to be savvy with your money, and I can guarantee you - a life of prosperity .

In the words of Clare Boothe Luce, "A woman's best protection is a little money of her own." - and this is truly believe in. The world in which we live in today spins on money - from what you want to what you need, it can only be attainable through money. This fact stimulates the economy's obligation to have a source of income, especially as a woman.

Money gives a woman her independence - without it, we are subject to living under another.

A financially stable woman is capable of anything, sovereignty with your money means total control over your life!

"Never be a slave to money, be the master of your money"

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